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Support Articles and Videos

Getting Started on Black Diamond

Popular overview videos of the new Black Diamond Wealth Platform.

13 articles

Portfolio View

The Advisor’s home for dynamic client reporting with a configurable dashboard.

27 articles


A tool allowing changes to existing reports on the fly and creation of new reports.

11 articles

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence aggregates firm metrics giving users business level insights.

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Data Mining

Create customized data sets for a wide range of business needs.

10 articles


Effectively manage and maintain applications on the Black Diamond platform.

23 articles

Data Management

Customize and control your data display on Black Diamond.

22 articles

Client Experience

Client Investor Experience, setup and management.

52 articles


Learn how to integrate with Black Diamond & our partners in our Integration Network

39 articles


Manage risk and minimize loss by utilizing the Black Diamond Rebalancer.

11 articles


Articles and videos on billing rules, methods and other options.

15 articles


Return Calculation information on Black Diamond, including TWR, GOF, & NOF Returns.

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A solution to support your transition to our upgraded BD3 platform.

4 articles


Here are questions people normally ask about Black Diamond.

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Release Notes and Partners

Release Notes

Review our release notes from current and past releases.

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Platform Partners

A suite of tools to manage your client’s complete wealth picture.

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Client Workshops


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